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New data about D-fagomine, a potential functional food ingredient

Scientists at Bioglane, a Spanish Research Council (CSIC) spin-off company, show now in in the British Journal of Nutrition that iminosugar D-fagomine as a functional agent lowers postprandial blood glucose and selectively modulates bacterial adhesion.

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First specific starter for Cabrales cheese

A Spanish team has obtained a specific starter for Cabrales cheese that will enable a better control of the fermentation process and a more homogeneous production.

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A CSIC spin-off commercializes a natural molecule to weight control

Bioglane, a spin-off company from the CSIC,  has developed several original biotechnological processes for the competitive production of novel iminosugars, particularly fagomine, which will open up an array of possibilities for the design and formulation of new tasty functional foods. 

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Food ingredients with antihypertensive activity

A double-blind clinical trial has demonstrated the antihypertensive activity of peptids isolated from milk proteins. The peptids will be commercialized by the Spanish biotech company Innaves as a food ingredients.

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Microsistemas y tecnologías para la seguridad alimentaria

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El CSIC presentará en el estand de FITEC en el Salón Alimentaria 2006, el próximo 7 de marzo, algunos de los proyectos que está desarrollando en el área de la agroalimentación. Entre otros, el proyecto europeo GoodFood, un sistema automático de análisis en continuo de la evolución del vino que puede ser controlado desde Internet y sistemas de detección del gluten en alimentos.

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