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Anti-inflammatory peptid from plant proteins

The Instituto de la Grasa of the CSIC has obtained a peptide from plant proteins that shows anti-inflammatory activity and stimulate the immune system. With a high solubility in a wide range of pH, it can be considered as a hypoallergenic product and could be applied in anti-inflammatory drugs, functional foods or cosmetic formulations.

 A legume plant (CSIC).The peptide, which derives from plants, has been identified and obtained from legume protein hydrolysates through the use of food grade enzymes.

Its amino acid sequence, less than 10 amino acid residues, makes easier the synthesis in an industrial scale. In this sense, in function of their composition and short size, it shows a great solubility in a wide range of pH and it could be considered as a hypoallergenic product.

Experiments in laboratory have shown, on one hand, that the peptide inhibits the secretion of pro-inflammatory proteins, such as the tumor necrosis factor (or TNF) and the interleukin I-beta (IL-Ibeta) and, on the other hand, induces the expression of the anti-inflammatory cytokine IL-10.

This peptide could be applied in the treatment of several diseases with inflammatory processes (cancer, neurological diseases, atherosclerosis or autoimmune diseases). Scientists also contemplate other possibilities, like applying the peptide as a part of “tailor made formulated foods” for the prevention and treatment of diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, or obesity. Or food products and drinks designed for decreasing the muscular damage and improving recovery after intense physical exercise. At the same time, it could be applied in cosmetic formulations for inhibiting inflammation processes produced in the skin.


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