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Understanding the structure of viruses to develop strategies against plant diseases

Sweet potato feathery mottle virus and sweet potato mild mottle virus cause huge losses in sweet potato crops, especially in African and Latin American countries, where this species is a staple crop. Scientists at CRAG have contributed to solve the structure of these viruses. The research aims to explain their mode of infection and open up new strategies for their control.

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Compounds identified for the control of pine seed bug, which causes heavy damages to pine nut production

GoPinea, a project to recover the production of the Iberian pine nut, has finished. Among its results, a team from the CSIC's Institute of Advanced Chemistry of Catalonia (IQAC) has obtained compounds that could be used to control the pine seed bug, an invasive insect that is causing major losses in pine nut harvests.

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Robotics to help with agricultural work

The Center for Automation and Robotics, a joint center of the CSIC and the Polytechnic University of Madrid, has developed a prototype robot to help in grape harvest. Developed in the H2020 FlexiGroBots project, the robot has been presented at the Transfiere forum.

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New project will track pollinator preferences to select more resilient plants

DARkWIN will track the preferences of bumblebees (which will be followed by radio frequency) to guide plant natural selection and breeding. The research will be carried out on an experimental crop, exposed to heat and drought, and using Living IoT technology.

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Rice’s climate change adaptation: the key may lie in its DNA

More than a hundred international experts and companies met at the 18th International Symposium on Rice Functional Genomics, which focused on the impact of climate change on rice cultivation. The main themes the debate dealt with were the challenges of climate change, the possibilities of the new CRISPR gene editing tools and the European legislative framework.

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